Reception Desk Physical/Digital Signage
Located in the front of the office, this custom-built throne is surrounded by bespoke animated content. A tablet-based photo activation provides a branded, shareable moment.
The multitouch Story Wall allows visitors to toggle between three modes, each of which has distinct branding and content. "White Castle History" allows guests to explore rich media archives, "White Castle Shares" focuses on community based initiatives, and The "Craver Hall of Fame" celebrates the brand's unique customer and employee culture.
Founder's Desk
The Founder's Desk showcases White Castle's legacy with a modern twist. When visitors pick up the phone, they are treated to historical messages from WC leadership over the past 100 years. A shelf next to the desk supports a series of digital photo frames, providing visual context for the audio, and a slideshow of historical archives when not in use. 
A building-wide digital signage network provides White Castle with customizable templates to support internal communications, reinforce company values, and celebrate employees.  
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